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Surroundings of Rome: Best Locations for Perfect Trip


Rome is immense, and when it seems that you have seen everything, something new is being revealed. If you have enough time to inspect the Eternal City, you can diversify the trip by moving around Rome.

In this case, we offer to appeal to the list of Avis locations in Rome, Italy. Why Avis? Because it is an international car rental company with a good reputation, and is chosen by the majority of tourists. At your disposal are cars of different classes and models. You can rent a car through the Internet or directly at the airport. Note that the prices can vary.

  • Affordable destinations

To visit interesting places in the vicinity of Rome, you do not need to go far. Literally within 150 km from the city there is a huge number of stunning places that are worth seeing:

  • Villa D’Este

If you like gardens, be sure to visit Villa d’Este. It is located opposite the Villa Adriana and is a chic estate, but visitors come here to look at the gardens. It is recommended to stroll through winding labyrinths, where at every step a surprise is waiting for you in the form of a musical fountain or statue. Also in the garden, there are chic and breathtaking waterfalls. In addition, you will find cozy small restaurants and boutiques along the narrow streets of the villa.

  • Pompeii

This legendary city is obligatory to visit. With car rental in Rome, the road to this place will take only a couple of hours. You can wander through the streets of this ruined ancient Roman metropolis and inspect shops, buildings, restaurants and public places, buried about 2000 years ago. Attend the National Museum of Pompeii that contains unique historical artifacts and works and art found during excavations of Pompeii.

  • Various Castles

Among the most interesting places not far from Rome a huge number of ancient castles be related. Visit the town called Castel Gandolfo. In the XVII century here was built the summer residence of the Pope. It works now. This magnificent structure is located on the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world – Albano.

  • Beaches

Beautiful villas, castles and even thermal resources can be visited even in the winter. In the summer, tourists enjoy a beach holiday. The best beaches near Rome are found in Sperlonga, San FeliceCirceo and Ventotene-Cala Nave resorts.

You can go to the south, in a resort town called Sabaudia. Actually, this place is popular among real celebrities. Accordingly, the rest in Sabaudia is distinguished by luxury and class, which means high prices for tourists.

  • Tivoli

This ancient city was founded in the XIII century BC. Why it is worth to go to Tivoli:

  • Villa d’Este (XVI) which is known for its magnificent garden, fountains, the villa itself, the panorama;
  • The ancient Roman imperial villa of Adriana that will amaze you with its scale and ancient history;
  • The Gregorian villa (XIX), notable for waterfalls, grottoes, greenery, steep paths;
  • The castle of Pope Pius II, built during the Renaissance.

  • Bracciano

This small town is known for its beautiful volcanic lake and the medieval castle of Odeskalki, which can be visited by everyone for €8,5. Rent a car in Italy and in a couple of hours from Role you will reach a city in which more than 100 famous films were shot. Moreover, the wedding of Tom Cruise and Kathy Holmes took place there. In summer, you can even swim in the lake.

Don’t waste your time! Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!

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