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How About Planning a Holiday in Norfolk Island


When you plan holiday travel, you do not want to bypass the fun and excitement of visiting a locale like Norfolk Island. This tiny land area features a number of attractions that you simply will not want to miss. People remember this island because of its precipitous terrain and unlimited pines. You can also admire the views of palm forests in Norfolk Island National Park from Mt. Pitt.

What You Can Do on the Island

People who visit the island can engage in bird watching, swimming, and fishing. For example, Emily Bay is one of the top ten beaches in Australia. Plus, you can visit this attraction year-round. Norfolk Island, as noted, is also a good place for twitchers to congregate. The island is home to five bird species that cannot be seen in other places in Australia. One of these avian animals is the green parrot. An outer island, Phillip Island, is a noted bird sanctuary.

High Tea

If you visit Norfolk Island, you will not want to miss high tea either. Enjoy this activity on beautiful green lawns that overlook Cascade Bay. Foresters Court is the place to go to enjoy this activity. You can also find accommodation at a Norfolk Island resort. At the resort, you can indulge your senses, savouring the flowers and plants that are displayed in a sub-tropical garden setting. The majestic pines will add just the accent needed to make it a perfect holiday.

Typically, you can find resorts that feature separate bedroom and living areas as well as wireless Internet, kitchenettes, front decks, sofa beds, and ceiling fans. Luxury units feature such amenities as double-spa baths, LCD TVs, and unparalleled views.

A Day of Sightseeing

If you take breakfast in the morning, you can enjoy the lushness of the gardens before heading out for a day of sightseeing. One of the places you will want to visit is Mt. Pitt. This elevation sits 320 metres above sea level. The summit, which can be accessed by vehicles, offers a panoramic view of all of Norfolk Island. Indeed, this is a good spot in which to take pictures.

When you view the island from up high, you can see the outer isles of Nepean Island and Phillip Island, as well as enjoy surreal and magical sunrises and sunsets. Mt. Pitt is also a popular spot because it is the beginning point for some incredible walking paths in the National Park. One short walking path takes visitors across Mt. Pitt’s summit to the highest point of the destination, Mt. Bates.

If you want to enjoy some amazing views from up high, then you will not want miss taking a journey to this part of the island. If you want to further explore Emily Bay, be sure to schedule some time for snorkelling activities and reef walks. You can explore both Slaughter Bay and the Emily Bay lagoon whilst learning about the area with a nature guide. Feed the fish and snorkel with your family. Snorkelling gear is offered for hire and can be used during the low tide.

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