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Hiring a Campervan – What to Look for


Before you hire a campervan it is in your best interests to examine just how the vehicle is going to be used. A conversion or class B campervan is the best solution for short trips, or for people who enjoy lots of time outdoors, and also smaller groups or families. Class C campervans are an upgrade in terms of size and comfort, and since they use a traditional van cab, they feel that much easier for novices at driving a recreational vehicle. For larger families and long trips, a class A campervan will offer more expansive interior space with entertainment options in case of harsh weather.

Class B campervans are generally the smallest and the cheapest to rent. These popular conversion vans are very easy to drive for most people, because they are so similar to a regular van. Larger groups and families will have difficulty fitting in and enjoying these smaller campervans, and the lack of available sleeping space would make the use of tents or other alternative arrangements necessary. Although there are different cheap campervans for hire, you need to factor in how many people will be travelling and if you intend to sleep in the campervan when selecting the class.

It’s All about Size

For larger groups and longer trips, it is a good idea to consider a class C or A campervan. Class C campervans are constructed on an extended truck or van frame and usually have more sleeping room than a comparably sized class A due to the existence of a cab-over bunk. The familiar van cab of a class C campervan can be more comfortable for people who are familiar with driving such vehicles. Class A campervans are built on distinctive heavy duty frames and can be found in much longer configurations. These campervans can provide the best visibility when driving due to riding higher and usually have large windshields and side windows.

Some other Factors

After selecting your campervan, there are a small number of other factors to consider. The sizes of the fresh and waste water tanks must be considered. Larger groups will obviously require larger tanks, which may affect the decision making process when hiring a campervan. Additional factors to think about are the seating configuration, amount of sleeping room, and whether the unit has a generator or inverter.

If hiring a campervan for the very first time, it is a good idea to choose a couple of potential units. If you’ve never driven an RV before, it may also be a good idea to choose at least one class C and class A to take for a spin. A short test drive will be very useful in helping to determine which type of campervan you will feel more comfortable driving. And don’t forget about insurance! A respectable rental company will be able to let you know exactly what is in your best interests regarding such an important issue.

Get Out There!

You will soon discover why campervans have become such a popular way to travel and see Australia. Have a great trip and may all of your journeys be sweet!

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