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Three Reasons to Choose Turks & Caicos for Your Next Caribbean Vacation

As the winter nights draw in, many of us will be looking to book a break away in the sunshine and for those looking for a real once in a lifetime holiday, the Caribbean remains a popular location.

Whether you’re looking to kick back and relax for a couple of weeks, or are wanting a holiday with a little bit more adventure, the Caribbean has something for everyone.

And while you might initially think of the Bahamas or Jamaica, there are lots of hidden gems around the region, including the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Turks & Caicos is a string of 40 islands in the in the Lucayan Archipelago which are a British Overseas Territory.

While the islands might not be as well-known as others, they’re a truly special holiday destination, with their sandy white beaches and clear waters.

Here are just three reasons you might wish to consider a Turks & Caicos holiday!

Lots to see and do

While you can easily spend an entire holiday in the Turks & Caicos islands chilling on their beautiful beaches, there’s plenty more to see and do should you wish.

For example, you can make the most out of the beautiful blue waters and try out snorkelling or scuba diving around Smith’s Reef or Bight Reef, both of which are teeming with varieties of colourful marine life.

If you’re an avid golfer, the islands are also home to one of the Caribbean’s best golf courses at the Provo Golf Club.

If you want to take in some of the islands heritage and culture, there are lots of ways to pass the time, such as heading to the Turks & Caicos National Museum or the world’s only commercial conch farm.

As you can see, for such a small set of islands, there really is something for everyone in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Beautiful Resorts

With such a thriving tourism industry, it’s little surprise that the Turks & Caicos Islands are home to such beautiful and varied resorts.

Most of the islands’ resorts can be found on the world famous Grace Bay beach, where one of the biggest options is the Alexandra Resort, with options ranging from spacious suites for couples to studios and family rooms.

The resorts of Turks & Caicos can cater to holidaymakers of any kind, whether it be your honeymoon or a family holiday, and their helpful and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you have the best time possible.

The scenery

What truly sets the Turks & Caicos islands apart though, is their stunning scenery. The jewel in the islands’ crown is, of course, Grace Bay beach, which has been named the number one beach in the world by TripAdvisor.

Only eight of the 40 islands are actually inhabited, with the rest being relatively untouched by civilisation, making them ripe for exploring!

You can take day trips out to many of these islands, such as Little Water Cay, which is famous for the endangered Turks & Caicos Rock Iguana.

So if you’re thinking of treating yourself to a holiday in the Caribbean, think twice before booking one of the more well-known locations and check out the beauty of the Turks & Caicos islands.

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Staying Fit While on Holiday

Staying fit is not always very easy. Research has found that almost 90% of UK citizens say that they would like to be more active than they currently are. The UK is a fairly healthy place, though. Many UK citizens are very good about going to the gym and exercising. However, there is one time when almost all people allow their fitness to fall by the wayside: holiday.

When on holiday, many people abandon their fitness regimens. This is not particularly dangerous as a singular experience, since you are likely on holiday for only a few days to a few weeks. However, research has shown that those who get off track with their exercise are much less likely to get back on track. When you miss a few days or a few weeks of exercise while on holiday, you break your habit of exercising. That makes it much more difficult to get back into the swing of it when you return. The best way to remedy that is to not let yourself get out of shape on holiday.

Exercising on Holiday

Many people choose hotels that have gyms or fitness centres, because they think they’ll work out while on holiday. Very rarely does that actually happen. You don’t want to waste precious time in a new place doing exactly what you do while at home. Your better option is to choose a cycling holiday. A cycling holidays company can offer you the opportunity to see new places and experience new environments while staying fit. A cycling holiday is broken down into several different difficulty levels.

If you are not in the best shape, bringing your children, or experiencing some mobility issues, you might want to choose a lower difficulty cycling holiday. These holidays are no less fun than any of the more difficult ones; it simply has fewer hills and shorter cycling routes each day. If you are looking for more of a challenge, you can find that as well. The companies that design cycling holidays try to accommodate everyone.

Cycling as Exercise

Cycling has long been considered one of the best forms of exercise. Cycling is great because it engages just about every muscle group. You need your legs to pedal, your core to keep you upright, and your arms to control the bicycle. It is also very effective because it is a low impact exercise. Exercises such as running put enormous amounts of strain on the knees, which isn’t a problem for healthy knees, but it can get bothersome over time. The low impact nature of cycling makes it perfect as exercise.

Cycling as Holiday

Cycling is a great activity for holidays as well, because you are able to experience your holiday without being sealed up inside a car. When you add layers between you and the outside world, you dull the experience. Cycling through a city or a countryside gives you the full experience. You’re also able to move faster than walking, so you get to experience everything up close, but you don’t have to take as long to get from place to place.

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Compelling Reasons to Tour Asia on Holiday

With holiday season right around the corner, it may feel overwhelming to try and decide what to do and where to go when you first begin to plan. Fortunately, there are reputable companies available throughout the year to help you enjoy the best holiday you have ever taken with the fewest frustrations. After all, Asia is one of the most beautiful continents on the planet with some of the oldest and most unique history and cultures known to man.

While a holiday in Asia may seem little more than a dream, more and more travellers discover its amazing beauty each year. Asia is the world’s largest continent, and as such, is home to many phenomenal countries each with unique cultures and histories. Other trips, such as a tour through the Caribbean or Europe, are far less cost-effective, meaning you only get to see and experience a fraction of what you would in Asia for the same amount of money.

Asia is Unpredictable

Simply walking outside of your chosen accommodations in Asia can often become an impromptu adventure for the whole family. With so many varied cultures, languages, customs, and religions all on one continent, you never have to look very far for something interesting and fun to explore. A simple afternoon walk may offer you the chance to experience a surprise or interaction you will never forget.

Once you know that you want to go to Asia for your next holiday, you need to decide where and how you want to travel. Look for holiday companies with planners local to Asia, as they know how to schedule the best holidays you could imagine. Just think, you know your own town better than any outsider, right? When you run into a stranger, you can point out to them all of the best attractions, restaurants, and views in the city. Therefore, you need a company such as Backyard Travel Asian Tours to get you where you want to go and experience the best holiday possible.


Asia is generally a more cost-effective continent than others and almost any country you visit there will have more to offer you for your money. Meals, drinks, accommodations, and activities cost just a fraction of what they would in other destinations, such as Europe or the Caribbean. For example, Thailand has some of the best luxuries available for some of the lowest prices. Buy pearl jewellery, take advantage of high-class dining, or simply bring home luggage full of souvenirs for next to nothing.

Asia is certainly one of the best continents to visit for the traveller on a budget and you can enjoy far more for your money than anywhere else. Imagine, for just a few dollars, you could ride through town on an elephant, visit a thousand-year-old temple, or taste some of the best food on the planet.

Taste Adventure

If this is the first time you have travelled to Asia, you have more than a few surprises in store. This beautiful continent is home to some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes and wildlife around the globe. Rainforests, mountains, rice fields, and more are enough to awe even the most seasoned traveller. Once you decide to visit Asia, you may end up spending the next three holidays there or more.

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Smart Travel Tips For Europe

Travel tips for Europe are always welcome as American tourists swarm the continent to discover the roots of the area of the world from which most of their ancestors originated. As much as is the desire to see the great European landmarks like Big Ben, Westminster Abby, the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Americans want to discover the people, and their habits and lifestyles. Food is also a big deal when traveling in Europe and is openly embraces as a full time quest for culinary adventure.

The summertime is a preferred time to explore Europe, but it is also the most expensive period, until now. There all kinds of new means of transportation opening up, new hotels and restaurants emerging to give a lot of competition to more traditional venues. A new breed of European visitors has scoured the sources of some of these newer avenues of approach and competition has entered into the traditional Continental tours.

European travel within the continent has become more competitive with airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet offering many inter-city flights with pricing as low as $40. There are also expanding routes of train service with new coaches and high-speed service, particularly in Italy and Spain.

The Danube Express is a restored 1950’s commuter all-inclusive sightseeing route in ten different countries. Hertz has a special rental program for tourists who want to see Europe their own way. The program allows car rentals in nine countries with rental terms that allow the rental of the cars by the hour or by the day.

As far as finding economical places to stay, travelers can check into many newer options that are very affordable such as the Intercontinental Group’s Indigo Hotel, which is chained in the U.K. and throughout Europe. The preferred method for accommodations is to rent small villas along the way of travel, which can be scheduled in advance for convenience and certainty of a place to stay.

Pre-arranged tours can be arranged in advance in order to visit the more popular destinations that Europe is know for. The Roman Coliseum, nor St. Peter’s Cathedral should not be missed, nor should the Eiffel Tower or Buckingham Palace. The decision of what is desired can be scheduled ahead of time and smart planning will get the enterprising traveler there in time to take the tour.

As far as eating, the savvy traveler can find shops, often found in train stations where sandwiches, pizza and sausages can be found for $5-$7 US. Food is less expensive in the Eastern part of Europe than in the west. Eating in a restaurant will cost in the $15 to $25 range for a drink and a main dish. A traveler can purchase food from a store and cook their own food for around $70 per week.

Another one of our travel tips for Europe is to camp in a garden. This a more and more popular way for inexpensive overnight lodging and the locations are posted giving amenities and costs, which run around $5 a night.

Get a tourist card. This will give free entry and a host of discounts for local tourist venues and events.

If an enterprising traveler displays enough research and time, the travel tips for Europe that can be uncovered are immense.

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13 Helpful and Affordable Travel Tips

There is no question that traveling can be expensive. With airlines charging for luggage and gas prices steadily increasing, some people choose to just to stay at home. However, who wants to do that when there is such a big world out there to explore? The good news is that with the following 13 cheap travel tips, you can be on your way to an amazing vacation without having to spend a small fortune.
1. Travel during the off-season
If you are traveling to Europe, the off-season is considered the months between October and April. You will find cheaper airfare, more affordable rooms, spend a reduced amount of time waiting in line and even meet more European tourists. After all, the big cities such as Rome, Paris and London are interesting and fun all year-round. Apply this to other parts of the world and you’ll see your vacation costs significantly decrease.
2. Bring your own food on the plane
Today, a large number of airlines charge for meals on board. You can save quite a bit of money just by bringing your own snacks on board, rather than purchasing them in the airport or while you are in flight.
3. Overestimate your costs and control your spending
When traveling, an old adage you should abide by is to take half the amount of stuff you initially packed and then double the money you are going to take. After all, the last thing you want is to run out of money while you are traveling. This means you should keep up with what you spend to ensure you are not going overboard.

4. Dial direct to stay in touch
Rather than roaming on your cell phone – and absorbing the rather large cost that goes along with it, you should purchase calling cards that offer calls at as little as 10 cents per minute.

5. Use public transportation
While renting a vehicle may seem like an appealing option, the fact is that no matter where you are going, taking the public transportation is likely going to be a much more affordable option.

6. Avoid excess baggage fees
If you are concerned with baggage charges, try to wear some extra items you want to take along, rather than cramming them all into your bag. There are quite a few innovative products on the market today that help you do this.

7. Check special hotel deals
Hotels are always advertising deals for travelers – especially during the off season. Be sure that you check all the prices prior to booking a hotel since you may be able to find deals such as “buy two nights, get one free.”

8. Shop in cheaper countries
Shopping costs vary across the globe. Do your research and save your shopping dollars for the locations where you can make them stretch the furthest.

9. Weigh your luggage
Don’t get to the airport just to discover that you are over your baggage limit and have to pay additional charges. You can avoid this by simply weighing your bag before you leave home.

10. Consider a home swap
Tired of over-priced hotels? If so, then you should consider the latest trend in travel – a home swap. This costs you almost nothing and you can save significantly. There are many online websites where you can feature your home and browse vacation homes that available for swapping.

11. Travel with friends
When you travel with friends, you can split the fee. This saves you both and allows you to do more.

12. Keep communication online
Instead of mailing postcards, you can sit in a cybercafé for a few minutes and keep up with everyone back home. In fact, there is a good chance your hotel will also offer this service.

13. Act like a local
Go into restaurants and order what is on the special menu or “do as the locals.” In most cases, this will save you quite a bit of money.

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How to Pack Wisely- Tips for Frequent Travelers

Aside from booking airfare tickets, packing up is one of the most challenging tasks that savvy travelers have to endure. Well, this applies to almost everyone, except for those who squeeze a year’s worth of stuff in their bags for a week long holiday vacation. On the other hand, some travelers pack too lightly, so much so that they forget to bring the most essential things like medicines and even passport! Listed here are some suggestions on how to pack wisely.

– Pack only the clothes that you will really use. Stuffing all your wardrobe in your bag is never a wise way to pack even if you are traveling for more than a month. For longer travels, you can just bring just a reasonable number of items to wear and wash them right after using.

– Roll your clothes. Instead of folding your outfits individually, you can maximize the space of your travel bag by rolling them. This packing technique works best with skirts, pants, and shirts. Another recommended method is folding clothes together to prevent wrinkles or creases in the folds.

– Keep a digital copy of your important documents. Misfortunes such as lost passport and stolen credit cards can happen even to the most careful travelers. You will never know when they will strike, so it always pays to be prepared. Scan your passport, tickets, and other travel documents and send the digital copies to your email. You must also keep a copy of the emergency hotlines of your credit card or ATM card, which will come in handy in case it gets lost or stolen.

– If you’re using a backpack, put all the stuff you use most often on top. That way, you won’t have to rummage through all the contents of your bag just to get a single item. You can make your bag feel lighter by putting the heavier items on top and the lighter ones at the bottom, as this makes the pack rest on your lower back.

– Use airtight plastic bags. Doings so helps eliminate the mess that comes from the toiletries and dirty clothes. Plastic bags are handy because they can keep the contents of your bag organized and neat. Sort the items according to type (e.g. toiletries, underwear, shorts, etc.) and put them into different plastic bags. This makes accessing a particular item a lot easier.

– Put all your valuables in a carry-on bag. It helps to bring a bag that you can take with you all the time so that you can easily access important items like medicines, cash, and mobile phone. Your carry-on bag should be small enough to keep under the seat and large enough to accommodate larger items like laptop and gadgets.

– Bring only a few toiletries. Don’t stack up on toiletries in your baggage as if tomorrow’s the end of the world. Also, store items such as shampoo and toothpaste in small containers. You will be surprised at the amount of space you are going to save.

All these tips on how to pack wisely boil down to one important point: do not overpack your baggage for the sake your safety and convenience.

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Simple Travel Tips for Travelers

Whether it be a journey, sluggish days invested at the seaside, around traditional locations, or a loving vacation, holidays provide an evade and an opportunity to discover something new and different. The types of visits can differ commonly based on passions and funds. Family holidays often consist of hiking, a while at the river, or show up getting on the surf. On the other hand, the more amazing may choose to take a while travelling in a distant cottage in Canada, or going up the red stones of Phoenix. The meaning of “fun” may differ silent a bit when it comes to journeying and experiencing time away, but there are some things that most everyone needs to think about when going on vacation.

Tips for Aircraft Travel

The cost of solution on the bus also differs based on the season, and comes with extra taxation and bags expenses. According to commercial airline recommendations truly each solution contains the right to two examined items of bags, and each item should think about no more than 50 weight or else be topic to a fee of $50 per bag, however, this year, tourists will often find a fee for any examined bags. Once again, if there is going to be a lot of bags, generating may help low cost. For the journey, which can often be quite unpleasant, consider providing a little cushion instead of counting on the ones the commercial airline provides.


Mesh or nasty bags can be hugely beneficial when packaging outfits. Individual outfits by classification into different bags (i.e. underwear, jeans, tops, swimsuits) to create finding what you need simpler. This will also confirm useful when bags is examined by protection at air-ports, because the personnel will usually not need to open the bags to see what you have. This can help you to fit more items in less sized space.

Small containers can be used to bring toiletries like hair shampoo, and are refillable. These should be taken in a nasty bag as well according to terminal rules, as well as for company and to prevent a leak that gets onto everything else.

It is important to package duplicates of records like given or recognition, in case the genuine ones get missing. Moreover to packaging psychical duplicates it is also a wise decision to e-mail the information along with urgent figures to a personal e-mail.

As far as cash is worried, keep cash, assessments, and bank credit cards divided to a certain level so that if some is thieved or missing, there is still some left over.

Lastly, take an item of vacationer’s advice and package half the amount of outfits you think you need. You can clean them if need be, but if you package everything you think you need you will more than likely end up with way too much.


Depending on where the designed location is there may be alerts instructed towards certain nations or categories. Studying the area around the place or town in common is also a wise decision. There are certain information that are excellent to know before coming in certain locations ( i.e. In third-world nations like South America do not get into a cab before accepting on a cost and do not pay the car owner until the location has been achieved and you are out of the cab). Also, when visiting a relatively pristine nation there are certain vaccinations that are recommended before journey. Little information like this can be found in many guidebooks or the town website. When anticipating taking benefits of the local features it is very employed to do some research before coming?

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Simple Travel Tips if You Want to Go to Germany

Frankfurt, situated in Germany, is one of the popular places of the nation. This town is famous as a hub of finance and transport in the nation. Spectacular structures, amazing sky line and the state-of-the-art exhibits and museums add personality to this town. So they can improve the fun and enjoyment of this journey adventure, some things needs to be kept in mind. First of all, arranging inexpensive routes is the first thing towards a successful holiday. Nowadays, with a following fall in commercial airline prices, inexpensive routes to Frankfurt are available. If the passes are reserved 2-3 months before the date of journey, they will come inexpensive in evaluation to those reserved in the chip of your energy and energy.

As soon as air journey are reserved, the next phase is to ensure resort booking. There are many resort options available these times. Visitors can choose the one that meets them completely. Moreover, many resorts are also in the suburban areas, away from the thrill of the town. It seems that characteristics come nearer to them with green landscapes all around. After resort arranging is done, guests can strategy and schedule as per their interest. In case, people are more enthusiastic about the lifestyle and customs of Frankfurt, then they can strategy to check out exhibits and museums, art exhibits, enjoyment facilities, ballets, cinemas and many other places that indicate the lifestyle of this position. On the other hand, if the tourists are more enthusiastic about natural touring, they can strategy their times in the similar way.

Throughout the season, the town encounters rainfall. Sometimes, it is lashing down pours and sometimes brief and light bathrooms. Hot summertime is generally not appropriate for discovering this town. September 30 days is the coolest 30 days in the whole season. Winter seasons, on the other hand, are chilly cold. At times, the temperature ranges fall below cold point. Hence, local plumber to check out this town is during the springtime season when the weather is at its best. This is enough time, when inexpensive passes to Frankfurt are available.

Foodies can look for popular dining places offering mouth-watering special treats. Different dishes are available in this town. Some dining places are expensive, and some are affordable. Some popular fairs are Frankfurt Book Reasonable, Sound of Frankfurt and Christmas Reasonable. Festivals like the ones mentioned are the best way to know more about the lifestyle of this position.