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Going On A Sailing Holiday-5 Top Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Vacation

If you really want to escape from your busy life for a few days then a holiday on the seas is the best way to get what you want. S

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What Pizza and Beer Can Do to Your Body

There is no other perfect pair that can match a cold beer and cheesy pizza. This love affair has been going on for ages. But have you stopped to wonder how this combination affects your body

Enjoy the Unique Taste That Made Italian Food So Popular

Traditional and at the same time exquisite cuisine of sunny Italy ... Surprises us with its diversity! Pizza and pasta have gained national recognition, and the simplicity of the cuisine an

Rekindling Marital Passion through a Perfect Dinner

The way to human heart is through the stomach, so to speak! But for the majority of lovers out there, it’s not just all about food, but romantic experience. Many married couples are stuck i

What Do You Know About Bed & Breakfast Inns?

When the time comes that you want to spend some time away from home, you have a lot of options to choose from. You could always take a weekend off in a secluded cabin in the woods, or you co


It’s no wonder that many of us prefer to eat chicken in a variety of occasions. Aside from it is easy to prepare than most of the meat, it also gives our body some helpful health benefits. T

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What to look for when you are planning in a business hotel? Find it out here

During travel, the hotel is the best option to stay for the meantime because you feel more like you are home, but for some hotels are the best place to set meetings, functions, and other act

6 Most Common US Visa Types

Regardless of the purpose of your visit to any country in the world, you will have to have a Visa approved before making an entry. Be it immigrant or non-immigrant Visa, at the end of the da

Most Common Types of Canada Visa

Canada, as we all know, is a country full of opportunities for everyone from a skilled worker, student, to a business owner. To get the most out of these opportunities, the travelers must ch